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We understand that computer problems can be very frustrating so we endeavour to minimise stress from the moment you contact us.

Through the years PC Service Center has been responsible for thousands of printers and computers.

Thousands of hours of troubleshooting and repairing various printer and computer equipment means you can have confidence that you will get quality, experienced, highly trained, professional work. At PC Service, we believe that all calls are different and therefore all enquiries are answered by a client service manager, not an automated recorded message. 

Matthew Myles
(Managing Director Anstruther Business Services)
Many thanks for your very fast response to my request...
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Archie Layne
(Delisia Restaurant)
"Thanking you for your speedy excellent service".
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Hurama Arifin
(Archimetri Design Studio)
These guys are amazing...
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Jim Shepperd
(OCC Accounting)
We have enjoyed all the good service quality from PCS...


Dennis W
(San Perima Book Store)
Professional and honest support service! Thank God...
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Scott Welsh
(Andiamo Lounge & Bar)
Thanks so much for the quick and efficient fix!
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